Rumor: “PLANET HULK” key part of Marvel’s Phase Three movie plans.

Planet Hulk in the fucking house. Maybe.

The latest rumor birds are barfing up thrice-chewed reports that Marvel’s PHAZE 3 movie plans are going to contain nothing less than Planet Hulk. I don’t know, yo. This would be particularly audacious (and awesome), so color me skeptical they’re going to aim this high. Here is hoping I am wrong.

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New ‘HULK’ standalone flick wouldn’t be until after ‘AVENGERS 2′, plus ‘AVENGERS 3′ teaser?

Look at Kevin Feige dropping No Duh! Bombs! Dude is all like saying that a standalone Hulk flick with Ruffalo wouldn’t come until after Avengers 2. No doi! All of us geeks have spent hours scouring Marvel’s Phase 2. This doesn’t surprise me. At all.

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