‘Wonder Woman’ TV Costume Gets Facelift, But Still Fails.

NBC and its design gurus have heard the cumulative cry of a thousand fanboys and fangirls, and altered the costume that  ï»¿Adrianne Palicki will be wearing as Wonder Woman on the NBC television series. The problem? It’s still gaudy as fuck.

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First Look: Adrianne Palicki As Wonder Woman. LOL BAIL OUT.

The first look of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman has been excreted onto the internet. Good lord. Out of context, yeah, yeah, yeah. The thing looks like something I saw a blob wearing at a convention that she bought from Spencer’s Gifts at Halloween.

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Prepare thyself.

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Wonder Woman TV Show Is Going To Be Goofy Rom-Com.

I’ve never really had much investment in Wonder Woman. Outside of her storyline playing off of Clark in Kingdom Come, and her bad ass neck snapping of Max Lord, she’s never done much for me. This is probably good news, given the details that have come out about the forthcoming Wonder Woman television show. If I was a fan of hers, I would probably be vomiting up blood somewhere.

Head inside for the details.

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