The Winamp Skin Museum is a glorious, nostalgia-filled romp through the golden years

winamp skin museum

Man, remember Winamp skins? I spent so, so, so many fucking hours picking the right one. And then the poor son of a bitch was cast aside. However, if you’re like me, you can browse the Winamp Skin Museum. It’s a fantastic trip down memory lane.

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Winamp lives! You can’t keep the ancient program down. Or dead.


You can’t keep an old school music-playing program down! A company I haven’t heard of has swoooped in to buy the program I haven’t used in ten years.

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WINAMP SHUTTING DOWN. Darkness, Darkness!


This news is a lot like when I found out that Wizard was closing. I don’t use Winamp anymore. Haven’t for years. However, I enjoyed knowing that a vestige from my past was still out there. Keeping me feeling fuzzy.

Now? Now no more.

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