Joss Whedon: I wouldn’t have brought back original characters for ‘EPISODE VII.’

Joss Whedon.

Well, here is the big comment from Whedon that is slithering its way through the Inter-Pipes of Geek-Fandom tonight. Let’s engage it, and then let me know where you side in the debate. Me? I’m pretty much in the middle. I would have been happy if they weren’t in the series, but I’m also okay with it. Provided, of course, it is done well. At the very least, I feel Whedon’s sentiment.

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‘ASSASSIN’S CREED IV: BLACK FLAG’ confirmed. Plus! Release date. Next gen! DYGAF?

Oh. Hey.

Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Crack the whips upon the fatigued backs of the coding slaves. Pull their ears and let them know that this year is no different than previous ones. A new copy of Everyone Loves Ezio (and hates everytone else) must ship! This one shall have pirates. Confirmed is the egregious leak from a couple of days ago.

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‘DEAD SPACE 3’ features N7 ARMOR and microstransactions. Win some, lose some.

Dead Space 3 - microstransacting your ass.

At this point in the dance, continuing to complain about microtransactions in gaming is like me complaining about blood in my stool. It is part and parcel for the area. If I didn’t want blood in my stool, I’d stop soaking my cells in aluminium filings to keep away the Illuminati Mind Control. If I didn’t want to deal with microtransactions, I would stop gaming. Dead Space 3 is the latest culprit in this spreading phenomenon. But don’t cry! It has N7 armor for some of us. Wee!

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NASA thinking about mission to capture 550-ton asteroid and drag it into a lunar orbit.

NASA, yeah! I like their seemingly new approach. Let’s think about wonky things! If I’m reading this story correctly, they’re thinking of putting together a giant fondue bowl of blood and guts on the Moon where gladiators in zero-g suits swing blades and particle rifles at one another! Let’s make it so. If I’m reading the story incorrectly, they’re probably thinking about dragging an asteroid. Which is sort of cool too.

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