Tuesday Evening Commute: Let The Chemicals Whisper


I don’t know, what the fuck do you want from me? Just kind of in a funk, lately. Not pervasive, rather it sort of floats in and out of my day. Tired. Burnt out. Expressed the idea to my wife yesterday and her response was immediate, logical, and undeniable: I haven’t had a proper vacation in who the fuck knows how long, and I work myself to death. Always busy. Always tired. Always distracted.

Case in point, I write the above paragraph at 2pm during my lunch break. But, here I am, now! It’s 7pm. I have surfed time, space, commuter traffic, a half-assed workout, and a dog walk to rejoin this act of writing. I’m just, you know. Tired.

But! Hey! It’s Monday Morning Commute! By way of Tuesday. Despite being slathered in a melange of malaise, I’m actually looking forward to some shit this week, I’m actually consuming some pop culture I’m enjoying this week.

Join me in the comments with your own pop culture proclivities, thoughts on existence, gifs of furries farting on cakes. I don’t give a shit.

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‘War of the Planet of the Apes’ casts Gabriel Chavarria as one of its leads

a guy wHO is in mveie

Serious question: who is Gabriel Chavarria? Even more serious question: do you realize how fucking profitable the Apes franchise is? I was talking with Eddie about this a couple of weeks ago. These movies have been fucking colossal amounts of money. And yet — do any of us really give a second thought to these films? Maybe I’m wrong, but I usually equate insane amounts of money made with at least some sort of lasting resonance. I’m an idealist, aren’t I? Anyways, yeah. Gabriel Chavarria. Lead in the next Apes flick.

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