Last Tron: Legacy Trailer Drops. Features Plot! Who Cares? Latex! Yes! Action! Yes!

The final trailer for Tron: Legacy dropped yesterday, and it’s fucking stupendous. I didn’t think I could be any more excited for this movie. I mean, I’ve gone over the reasons that it’s going to inspire a back-aching boner in my nerd loins. It’s got technogadgets, hot ass women in latex, the Dude, and action sequences. Well. Yesterday’s trailer featured even more chicks in latex, some plot points, but most importantly, action beyond what I even expected. I need to see this movie.

Hit the jump for the final trailer.

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New Tron Legacy Trailer From Comic Con Is Geek Gadget Porn

In time for the Tron Legacy panel at San Diego Comic Con, this new trailer for the movie dropped. And then I dropped my pants. Rimshot! Groans! Guilty muted applause. If this movie is even half as cool as it seems, I’ll be satisfied. At the most basic level, the visuals alone are enough to cajole my nerd loins in a titillated slushy mess.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer and visually imbibe nerdporn.

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Tron Legacy Trailer Features Hot Chicks In Latex

Latex + Pale Skin = Fawn + Fap

I saw Tron when I was a little kid. And knowing how neurotic I was, it probably gave me nightmares. After I saw the second Terminator movie, I was convinced that every other child I interacted with was secretly a robot plotting my death. I’m not kidding.

Since it’s been so long, I really have no idea what the movie was about. That isn’t stopping me from being really stoked about the sequel. It’s got all the ingredients to make me excited for a movie. It’s got Hot Chicks In Latex. It’s got futuristic, maybe even retro-futuristic visuals. And it’s got The Dude. It’s a perfect storm. Watching the trailer is like snorting a line of Nerdboner Viagra. Check out the trailer below.