Marvel reveals ‘Civil War II’ comic event coming next year; cause movie synergy or something

Civil War II.

Ugh. Just like, ugh. I know that it makes sense for Marvel to run a “Civil War” event next year, during the time that the movie of the same name will drop. But man, as a reader, it just doesn’t do much for me. I understand that the comic books are an idea-factory to come up with concepts for the movies, but sometimes you just don’t want to see the machinery in such stark relief.

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‘All-New, All-Different Marvel’ teased for this Fall


What is going to follow-up Secret Wars! Well, it’s an event! Sooo. New adjectives! And a new status quo! Fucking duh!

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Marvel Universe jumping ahead eight months after ‘Secret Wars’

ALL-new, all-different

It is a tried and true tactic used when a comic company wants to create a certain sexiness in the wake of their Universe’s reboot-relaunch-refreshing-refrying. They end their CATALYSMIC EVENT with some status-quo demolishing resolution. And! And then! They jump in time. SUCH INTRIGUE and CURIOSITY follows. Marvel, post Secret Wars, is no exception.

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Marvel promoting ‘ORIGINAL SIN’ by giving out eyeballs.

All the eyeballs.

Here’s a promotion for you. In an effort to promote their mini-series-mega-time-event Original Sin, Marvel is giving out eyeballs. Word, eyeballs. Pop into your LCS, grab some funny books. Snag an eyeball. Bounce it down the street while yelling “THEY HARDLY EVEN RESISTED!”

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‘CAPTAIN AMERICA’ designs for Marvel NOW! by OPENA and Cassaday revealed.

Jerome Opena and John Cassaday have both dropped new designs for Captain America to be used in the Marvel NOW! initiative. The odd thing is how different the two are. Like, which one is going to be canon? I’m way digging Opena’s reimagining, so I’m pulling for that one to go all de facto.

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Marvel Senior VP Smack Talks DC’s “Returnability Ponzi Scheme”. It’s On!

DC is doing itself something of a swag-heavy dance these days, trumping their magnificent sales. I’ll admit, I was sampling the cheddar popcorn they were selling. Not smackin’ lips on their claims? Marvel senior VP  Tom Brevoort. A man who launched an impressive volley of words.

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DC Executive To Marvel: You’re Liars. Oh Snap!

Last year both DC and Marvel announced that they were scaling back prices from $3.99 to $2.99 on their funny books. The Marvel announcement came right after the DC announcement, and many thought they were piggybacking the idea. And while DC seemed to come through with it, Marvel didn’t drop their prices in the sense that they intimated they would. Last weekend, this led to DC executive Eddie Berganza calling Marvel a pack of liars.

I love a good comic executive throwdown.

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