Bethesda files trademark for ‘FALLOUT’ TV series. Can you dig it?

Fallout is fucking back

Well, shit. Maybe Three Dog ain’t returning to the video game hood, but rather providing his voice for a Fallout television series? As much as I would like to wander the Wasteland in an episodic format, I far prefer a new game. What say you?

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‘FALLOUT 4’ teased by Three Dog’s voice actor. WASTELAND GET.

Just today! Just today, I was wondering when the fuck I was going to get to wander the Wasteland yet again. I slathered petroleum jelly on my bits as I contemplated, rubbing over the idea of playing a Fallout title running on the Skyrim engine. My supplication must have been heard by Them, for this very same today comes a tease. Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

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