Monday Morning Commute: Lowdown Sisyphus Up-Rock


Monday, motherfuckers. Another day at the beginning of another week. For those of us on the M-F Grind, Monday heralds yet another blitz through the whirling blades of the Existential Gauntlet. But fear not, friends. The Man has peppered our lives with another Meaningless Morsels to keep us just Fat, Happy, and Distracted Enough from pulling plugs and diving into stark abysses.

These are the Meaningless Morsels I’m enjoying this week. Please share your own.

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AMBER HEARD x THOR = My Mjölnir awakens. I apologize.

This picture is not as enticing as Alison Brie as Captain America, but Amber Heard doesn’t pull on the geek-cache like the former. Former? It is former, right? Anyways, yeah. Still rules. Also, I tried looking for credit for this picture to no avail. If you’re responsible, bless you. And let me know.

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