‘The Punisher’ officially renewed for second season. This is expected, right?

the punisher season 2 confirmed

I haven’t seen The Punisher yet. Moreover, I’m sort of not in a fucking rush to do so? That said, it’s getting a second season. I’m assuming this excites people, despite the fact that I haven’t heard much buzz about the show.

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‘The Punisher’ Trailer: Frank Castle’s Revenge Tour Drops November 17

I ain’t watching this new trailer for The Punisher, cause I’m *way* fucking in on the show. That said, I’m pretty goddamn stoked that we know it’ll finally be arriving. November 17.

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‘The Punisher’ Trailer: Frank Castle has one goal: revenge. And also, like, lots of murder.

Get it! One goal? Cause, you know, Metallica’s “One” plays throughout the first trailer for The Punisher. Anyways. Fuck yeah to the fuck yes, this trailer rocks.

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New poster for ‘The Punisher’ appeals to the conspiracy theory garbage lord in me (and you)

the punisher poster the truth must be taken

Yeah, man! Frank Castle is fucking out there, dude! Mirking felons, fighting for the truth! Which the goddamn *Man* doesn’t want us to have!

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Watch: Marvel drops ‘The Punisher’ title sequence, now that your pop culture gullet is empty

marvel the punisher title sequence

Marvel dropped the title sequence for The Punisher today, and the timing makes perfect sense. Pop culture slobs like myself are gasping, choking on an existence after Game of Thrones that isn’t filled with sensational distraction. Why, anything, give us anything, to titillate! What can we fill that entertainment-chasm in our psyches with, until the Thrones returns? Why! Perchance! The Punisher.

Check it out after the jump, because as usual, Marvel is trash and posted this on Twitter.

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Netflix drops first look at Jon Bernthal in full Punisher costume and it’s my everything today

first look the punisher new costume

I thought I was pretty much done being excited for Netflix/Marvel collaborations, but my enthusiasm for Defenders has dissuaded me of that notion. Had it not, I imagine this first look at Jon Bernthal in full Punisher regalia would have done it.

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‘The Punisher’ Teaser Trailer: Memories, They Never Hurt Me

Yeah, keep stunting, Frank. We know you’re crushed by your haunting memories. And we, as a result of your haunting memories, get to watch you mirk infinite dudes.

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‘The Defenders’ Trailer: Looks like Punisher will join the squad, and Stan Lee narrates

Fucking of course The Powers That Be are going to shoehorn the Punisher into The Defenders. What the fuck was I thinking, sort of actually believing he’d be absent from the upcoming team-up.

Check out the trailer after the jump, friends.

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‘The Punisher’ Netflix series debuting in November, according to its director

the punisher netflix series debut november

Mark your calendars, folks. The Punisher is dropping on Netflix this November. Nothing says Holiday Spirit like rogue, ruthless, murdering justice-machines. Right?

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‘The Punisher’ coming to Netflix in 2017; Five Castings Announced

netflix the punisher 2017

Netflix has officially announced it, folks.  The Punisher is coming to their streaming service next year.

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