‘The Fifth Element’ soundtrack getting vinyl release for first time ever

the fifth element soundtrack vinyl

Jesus fucking ChristThe Fifth Element is celebrating its 20th Anniversary? Man. These bones. These balls. Creaky and saggy, but such is the passage of time. Anyways. Anyways! To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the movie’s soundtrack is getting a vinyl release. For the first time ever.

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Cosplay: LEELOO from ‘FIFTH ELEMENT’ has a great multi(p)ass? Something? Maybe?


I don’t know why, but this is the hottest cosplay I’ve seen in eons. Something about the rarity of actually seeing Leeloo cosplay that works. This shit just works. And it ain’t just because I’ve spent the day in the steam rooms staring at butts while eating Mike and Ike’s.

Just another day in my life.

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Cosplay: RULE 63 LEELOO from ‘THE FIFTH ELEMENT’ is today’s nightmare.


Careful, those considering crossing the threshold. While safe for work, what you shall see is nowhere near safe for psyche.

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