Matt Reeves’ Batman movie “inspired” by The Dark Knight Trilogy because obviously dude

matt reeves the batman dark knight trilogy

Matt Reeves has come out and said what’s obvious: he’s inspired by the Dark Knight Trilogy. But, really, who at DC isn’t? Even if it’s a reactionary, “no, we aren’t like Nolan” response, that very negative space is in of itself an inspiration. That said, Reeves clearly means he *is* inspired by the films. Is that a good thing, though? I don’t know. First blush is to respond “oh, cool”, second blush is “yeah but do something new” you know? All in all, it’s the middle of the summer and news is slow, I actually imagine this is just director-on-director masturbation. Frottage, if you will.

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Hans Zimmer (‘The Dark Knight’ Trilogy, ‘BvS’) has retired from composing superhero films

Hans Zimmer.

Hans Zimmer is done with the Whole Superhero Thing. Which to me is a good thing, since while I love the dude, I felt he was spinning his wheels (in general, maybe) lately. That thin line between having a distinct voice and becoming derivative, it challenges us all. From talentless hacks like me, to powerhouse composers like Zimmer.

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