OMEGA-CAST #8: Fear & Loathing in Coruscant

A hot new plate of podcast for you to engulf. Go ahead, throw it down that dirty gullet of yours. Oh, you want to know what that bubbling black ooze is? Or the gnarled tree branch looking things? Fine! Fine. If you must know what’s on this episode: more Star Wars talk (ugh, I know!), Caff complaining about a lot of things and articulating them poorly,¬†Rendar’s lost son, the Ninja Turtles, the exhaustion of comic book culture, Riff’s first guitar solo played on whale bones, eating tortilla chips in the microphone, and more.

Hit the jump for the terror, or check us out on iTunes.

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THE PIRATE BAY has taken its servers to the cloud. Slough the tangible!

Can’t keep a good Pirate down. Despite having its ass whupped in a variety of manners, the Bay of Pirates torrenting center is refusing to go down without a fight. This is a good thing. You see, the new Taylor Swift jam drops next week, and I’ll be goddamn pressed if I’m going to pay for it. In order to try and thwart The Man, the site has taken itself to the Cloud!

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Report: Sony and Gaikai Partnering To Stream PLAYSTATION GAMES From The Cloud. Future ++

Earlier this week it was reported that Sony was trying to snuggle into the loins of a couple of cloud-based gaming services. If this report is to believed, the lucky dude whose dong Sony is going to tug is none other than Gaikai. What could this mean?!

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