‘The Banner Saga 3’ is arriving this summer and dropping on Nintendo Switch first

the banner saga 3 nintendo switch

This is a neat little coup for the Nintendo Switch, my dudes. The Banner Saga 3 is dropping this summer, and it’s arriving first on Nintendo’s console-handheld chimera. I’ve never played either of the titles in the series, but I’ve only heard really good things.

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‘The Banner Saga’ and three other indies dropping on PS4 in 2015

The Banner Saga

I’ve wanted to play The Banner Saga all fucking year. But unfortunately I’m an old douchebag, whose gaming tendencies ossified over the course of the past decade. What this means is that despite having a reputable PC, I don’t really fuck with gaming outside of consoles. I know, I know. Not PC masterrace. Console prole tier. But next year!

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