Cary Joji Fukunaga ain’t directing ‘TRUE DETECTIVE’ Season 2. Nic Pizzolatto *will* write.

True Detective.

One of the great wonders of True Detective’s excellent first season is that its entirety is directed by one talented fucker. As in singular. One of the great wonders this produces is a gorgeous visual coherence that can sometimes be lost as a show shuffles talent around. Apparently one of the great bummers of True Detective Season 2 is that Cary Joji Fukunaga won’t be back to rock out in the director’s chair for a second installment.

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Netflix quality is sucking because of CABLE COMPANIES throttling bandwidth. F**kers.


Last weekend the fiancé and I were trying to watch the new season of House of Cards when the fucking quality was bouncing around more than my moods on one of those “Jesus Christ I forgot to take my meds for how many days?” type weeks. I had a sneaking suspicion it had to do with a) the death of Net Neutrality b) bandwidth throttling and c) intergalactic threats from Skrulltopia. Turns out I was right about two of the causes.

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DAN HARMON Out As Showrunner Of ‘COMMUNITY’, I Hate Things.

Dan  Harmon is out as showrunner on Community, and while I haven’t seen last night’s season finale I’m a bit saddened by all of this so I hope it crushed it.

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