‘X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST’ PIC: Counterculture PROFESSOR X needs a goddamn bath.

Hey gurl.

Okay, I’m digging this picture. It’s of Jimmy Mac as Professor X going straight counterculture. Chest out, immobile dong just looking for weed and love. Mannn.

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Nintendo Wii Getting A Swingers Game; ‘We Dare’. Game On!

BORED AS FUCK WITH YOUR LONGTERM COMMITMENT? DO YOU HAVE FRIENDS WHO WANT YOUR WIFE OR HUSBAND’S HOLES? You’re in lucky, plucky naughty people. Nintendo’s Wii is getting a motherfuckin’ thinly veiled orgy igniter in the form of the game “We Dare.” As they say in the Southwest Airlines commercials, “Grab your boobs and cocks, it’s on!”

Let’s look a bit more in-depth as this Sure To Be Marriage Destroyer.

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