Weekend Open Bar: Thankfully, Your GlitchedSoul was CloudSaved

glitch save

Ah yeah, you did it, buddy! You made it through the first week of the new year. All them holidays are over with, and so your laissez faire attitude can no longer be blamed on festivities. Instead you’re going to need to bury the truth deep down — you’re tired of your unrewarding job in the SpiceMines, and the nominal-at-best pay bumps and feigned annual recognition by the CzarLords that run your job from DigiSpace.

It’s depressing, but you’re not alone. For one, it’s the weekend. For two, this is Weekend Open Bar! A watering hole buried deep in the swollen cyst in the synapses of the CyberRot of the Universe’s Grey Matter. All of us are here! Waiting for you!

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Weekend Open Bar: Sprang Breakk

sprang break

Oh, Lords of Kobol. Bless this rotten husk of a human. My week is over. After a stressful week of prepping to present at a conference, teaching, weeping, teaching, tutoring, prepping, driving to the conference, masturbating into a vial of tears in the lonely hotel room, presenting at the conference, and driving home. And to top that sweet, delicious-ass rump of a factoid off, it’s also SPRANG BREAK!!! So let’s gather around, folks. Pull a chair up to the Weekend Open Bar. The column at the end of the Universe where the degenerates aboard Space-Ship Omega (and you!) share what they’re up to over the course of the next two days.

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