Grant Morrison explains why SUPERHERO MOVIES aren’t enough. Read the comics.

Grant Morrison.

Grant Morrison has an interesting quote regarding what people will miss should they eschew reading comic books in favor of only watching funny book movies. It’s intriguing, because I have lately been wrestling with my own contempt for the printed formula while simultaneously jacking it to the cinematic flavor. What would I be missing if I got off the comic book Ferris Wheel?

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GRANT MORRISON Leaving ‘ACTION COMICS’, BATMAN INC’, superhero comics in general in 2013.

Grant Morrison seems to be setting himself up for stepping out of the superhero game for a while. The good Scottish Alien Lad has announced that come 2013, he’s finishing up his work on ActionThe Bat-Man Incorporation, and leaving the capes for the time being.

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DC’s New Gay Character Will Be ‘Major’, ‘Iconic’, ‘Male’, And More Descriptives!

Cyeah! DC has to be loving the tidal that is sloshing around their ankles over their announcement of a prominent character of theirs being gay in the New 52. Here’s some more information regarding the character, who hasn’t been introduced  into the New 52. Yet.

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