Massive Nintendo “gigaleak” reveals all sorts of dope shit from Luigi in ‘Super Mario 64’ to never-released titles

I know on some level that the Nintendo “gigaleak” is fucked up. But, on a filthy, greedy fan level? This sort of cache of unreleased titles and prototypes leaking into the world fucking rules, dudes.

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SNES Saturdays #11: ‘Yoshi’s Island’ – The Phantom Menace Thread

SNES Saturdays #5 – Hail Brahquaman, Who Never Shot Blanks

LATEST stream is up. Join us as we talk about the terrifying sublimity that is ejaculating for the first time, thrash on the dumpster juice that is Justice League, and finally finish Donkey Kong Country.

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SNES Saturdays #4 – Bateman Used To Bang Pillows

So like yeah, Bateman confesses to banging pillows when he was an adolescent. We also, you know, suck. And if that isn’t enough, we contemplate the disgusting nature of Donkey Kong’s Candy Kong, and other such garbage.

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SNES Saturdays #2 – Bateman’s Dad’s Balls and Barrel Decimation

I know it’s been quiet for a fucking *minute* here on the Space-Ship Omega. Apologies! Apologies. In the meantime, check out the second official SNES Saturdays from Bateman and me. We’re just being a couple of garbage lords. Talking a lot about Freud, Bateman’s Dad’s balls, and other miscellany garbage.

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Nintendo announces ‘SNES Classic’, dropping September 29 for $80. Can’t wait to not find it

nintendo snes classic

Nintendo is currently announcing more dope shit for me to not be able to find, as my Nintendo Switch hunt carries on interminably.

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Super Nintendo Sneakers Got Themselves Actual Buttons

super nintendo sneakers buttons

Super Nintendo shoes! Man, dope shoes. Dope shoes that never fit my bigfoot feet. Bigfoot feet! But that doesn’t stop my appreciation of them. And their actual buttons.

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SNES Classics are coming to Nintendo’s New 3DS

Super Mario World.

What the fuck are the New Nintendo 3DS, and 3DS XL? Like, in comparison the Old Nintendo 3DS? How many fucking iterations are there? But uh, anyways. The New Nintendo 3DS and 3Ds XXXL Pizza are getting SNES classics.

Which I’ll just keep playing on Bateman’s emulator, cause I don’t have a New or Old or Moderately Used 3DS.

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Mint-condition of ‘Harvest Moon’ for SNES sells for record amount

super nintendo harvesting

Oh man. Them SNES games are starting to collect themselves a pretty penny on the open market, especially if they’re mint.

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Watch: ‘Super Mario Kart’ with 101 players

Last…Last place is way far back when you’re playing Super Mario Kart with 101 players.

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