Sealed copy of ‘Super Mario Bros’ sells for fucking $100,150. Congrats to the assholes who bought this

sealed copy super mario bros record

Man, imagine having this kind of “fuck you” money? I mean, I know it took several collectors to buy this copy of Super Mario Bros. But, my point stands.

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‘Super Mario Bros.’ encyclopedia is dropping this October, to celebrate the mustachioed prick’s first 35 years

super mario bros encyclopedia

This October, Dark Horse is dropping a fancy as fuck Super Mario Brosencyclopedia to celebrate the mustachioed prick’s first 35 years. Seems pretty dope, won’t buy it, but I encourage you to do so. Let me live vicariously through your collecting.

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Sealed copy of ‘Super Mario Bros.’ sold for $30,000 meanwhile I’m worried about affording socks

sealed super mario bros. 30000

Like, not *really* worried, but enough that I’m like, you know, do I really need these socks? Or am I just going to give them to the fucking dog, again, wasting my money. You know, concerned about wasteful spending. Someone, someone else wasn’t concerned about wasteful spending. How do I know? They spent fucking $30,000 on a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros., for chrissake.

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‘Super Mario’ postage stamps coming to Japan, awesome but like who mails stuff

super mario stamps japan

I’ve probably mailed like, three things in my life. A testament not only to my incredible juvenility, but also the decline of you know, physical letters. But! If I lived in Japan, and I had to mail shit, I would be all over this.

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Watch: A Hamster clearing a ‘Super Mario Bros’ level is your Monday Zen

Watch: ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Speed-Run World Record Beaten in Near-Perfect Run

Watch: ‘Super Mario Bros.’ beaten blindfolded in 15-minutes

Man. I haven’t played the original Super Mario Bros., in a hot minute. I’m absolutely certain however that it would take me significantly more time than 15-minutes to beat the game, using my eyes.

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Let’s Commemorate: ‘Super Mario Bros.’ was released thirty years ago today in Japan


Sweet soggy nipples, I’m aging. Like, I knew that Super Mario Bros. was released a while ago. But thirty years-old? That’s…that’s pretty fucking tremendous. Even more terrifying is the fact that my wife wasn’t even alive when it arrived (she’s four.5 years younger than my ass). Which means — like so many goddamn people were born into world and will live their lives having no goddamn clue about the Touchstone Megaton that was the game’s release.

Let’s celebrate the game with some futzing videos. Feel free to share your own memories, videos, thoughts, whatever.

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Watch: Shigeru Miyamoto explains design behind ‘Super Mario Bros.’ World 1-1. Also known as the most iconic level. Ever.

Goddamn! The mind behind the greatest level of all time takes is inside that Genius Dome-Piece to look at his design process. For, you know. The greatest level of all time.

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Watch & Listen: ‘Super Mario Bros DJENT’, a chuggy metal ode to our childhood