THE WOZ was so good at ‘TETRIS’ that NINTENDO POWER banned his scores

The Woz.

The Woz, man. What a fucking life he’s led. I had no idea that on top of the whole co-founding the Apple Computer thing, he was also busy totally dominating the Tetris game. To the point where Nintendo Power banned his ass from their High Scores. Didn’t stop him though. Hell naw.

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Aaron Sorkin Spits About The Steve Jobs Biopic, Compares It To Writing About the Beatles.

Aaron Sorkin is the master of dialogue and the wizard of wit, and with such distinctions comes luxurious gigs, such as his latest one. Being tasked with writing the Steve Jobs biopic, Sorkin compares it to writing about The Beatles. Oh Aaron, you’re not star struck, are you? Let me touch your hair. It is gorgeous.

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