‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’ officially announced

star wars batlefront 2 officially annnounced

In the “no shit” department, Star Wars Battlefront 2 has been revealed to exist. More details at next month’s Star Wars Celebration.

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‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Sequel Coming This Year *With* Single-Player Campaign

star wars battlefront sequel single-player campaign

Everything I’ve head about Battlefront from people who have played it, is that essentially, it was half a game. It seems Electronic Arts also heard this, as the company has gone ahead and already announced the sequel will have a single-player campaign.

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‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ Trailer: All The Nostalgic Force-Feels

‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Fighter Squadron Gameplay Trailer: X-Wings, and Falcons, and More

‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Reveal Trailer: Battles From Endor To Jakku

Syngery: ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ dropping late 2015


Electronic (Dark, Satanic) Arts has announced that Star Wars Battlefront ain’t dropping until late next year. Which isn’t surprising to any dick-lord who remembers that Episode VII ain’t arriving until December of 2015. So like, you know. Synergy. Cross-medium mutual-product masturbation. Or something. I don’t know. It’s late, and the thirteen Monsters in my bloodstream are beginning to bid adieu.

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boom! OKAY FOLKS. Listen up. Between the alimony hearings, the drug use, the fact that Feedly went down for two fucking days, and my favorite butt plug melting in my dishwasher (which required an immediate journey to the upper mountains of the Appalachians to replace), there’s some E3 STUFF I DIDN’T GET TO. However, I also posted a fucking fuckload. Here in one batch is everything I’ve caught from E3. Posted, and previously unposted. Sorted by console. Don’t see your fave announcement/game? Hit the comments. I’ll add it. I know I’m missing a lot. Also! Use this space just to shoot the E3 shit. Read the rest of this entry »

E3 2014: ‘STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT’ Trailer: Return to that OG Feelin’

Star Wars Battlesomething

EA dropped a “trailer” for Star Wars Battlefront. Much like the “trailer” for New Mass Effect (Game 4): Not Shepherd, it’s mostly just people who I am sure are very nice flapping their gums about the process. Which interests me pretty much not at all. But it’s a “trailer!”, wee!

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