Trailer: ‘The Last Of Us’ Is Naughty Dog Blitzkrieg Awesome.

the last of us

‘The Last of Us’ was revealed tonight at the Spike VGA, and it turns out to be 110% Naughty Dog fucking domination. My lord. Watching it for the first time on a television, it had to be one of the best video games trailers I had ever seen. Just fucking stunning.

Hit the jump for the glory.

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Trailer: ‘Metal Gear Rising’ VGA Trailer. Platinum Games? Yes.

This is probably going to be taken down any second, but here, while it may last: Metal Gear Solid: Rising (Revengeance?) is set to debut tonight at the Spike VGAs, and its trailer has leaked. Developed by Platinum Games, this shit is officially on my wanted list.

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Multiplayer Mass Effect 3 To Be Revealed Tomorrow Night At Spike VGA.

A good friend of mine has pointed me towards two stories this week. First the Arkham City reveal, and now this one. Kudos, cheers, and may someone kindly rub your genitals. Remember the BioWare teaser we were all speculating about? First it was reported that it was an off-shoot Mass Effect game. Now it’s been “confirmed” by nebulous dark sources that it’s actually Mass Effect 3 with multiplayer.


So just what exactly has BioWare been teasing to reveal at the Spike TV VGAs for the last couple of weeks? Would you believe it is, after all, Mass Effect 3? Joystiq reports that a “trusted source” has informed them the mystery game, first teased with the single image above, will indeed be the final chapter in the Mass Effect trilogy.

What’s more, this source says Mass Effect 3 will feature some kind of multiplayer mode, a first for the series. What this source couldn’t confirm, though, is whether the VGA reveal will highlight the multiplayer or not.

Thoughts? Reactions? I couldn’t give less of a shit about a multiplayer aspect for the Mass Effect franchise. Completely understand why it makes sense from a business standpoint. But still, don’t give a shit. Hit the comments box with your take.

Uncharted 3 Revealed. SCREENSHOTS INSIDE.

Entertainment Weekly just blew the lid off of one of the most anticipated games, Uncharted 3. The game’s official title is Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, and it is totally going Indiana Jones and Lawrence of Arabia with Drake running around some fucking gorgeous sand dunes and shit.

Here, some details:

According to Naughty Dog’s creative director Amy Hennig, the theme of deception plays out in multiple ways throughout the threequel, from Drake doing the deceiving to Drake being deceived to some mysterious deception about Drake’s very identity. The story focuses on the hero’s relationship with his mentor and father figure, fan fave Victor “Sully” Sullivan, and has him searching for a legendary lost city that will ultimately take him to the Arabian Peninsula and the vast wasteland of the Rub’ al Khali Desert, also known as the Empty Quarter.


Uncharted likes to keep one foot (or at least a toe) grounded in history (Nathan’s ancestor is the British pirate, explorer and Navy officer Sir Francis Drake) and the plot of Uncharted 3 draws more from Drake’s exploits as well as from the life of T.E. Lawrence – not from his militant days as the fabled “Lawrence of Arabia,” but rather the Brit’s early years as an archaeologist. The inspiration for the story, says Hennig, came from Naughty Dog’s desire to take on the challenge of conceiving and building out gameplay scenarios within a desert locale – “challenge,” because organic elements like water, fire and sand are technically difficult to credibly render with animation.

It’s a scientific fact that Uncharted 2 is the best game of the generation. Doing some tabulating with my abacus and some beaker work to conjure the true essence of knowledge into my brain stem, I have ascertained this. So I am beyond stoked for this title.


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Batman: Arkham City Gets Dong-Tip Teasing Trailer

Apparently everyone’s a fucking fan of teaser trailers for   trailers these days. Specifically, for shit they’re revealing in this weekend’s Spike Video Game Awards. First it was BioWare, and now it’s time for Rocksteady Studios to tease the new footage of Batman: Arkham City that’s being revealed on Saturday. It features Batman laying down the stinky-hammer on a bunch of jabronis that are hunting him, and looking all smoldering and shit.

Hit the jump for the video.

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BioWare’s “Next Big Game” Is Mass Effect Multiplayer Spin-Off? Buh?

So, there was the announcement of a teaser for BioWare’s next big game at the Spike VGA. Then there was a teaser trailer for the teaser trailer released. And now? Now some rumor mongering may have officially just blown the entire thing wide the fuck open. Words are that the next big game by BioWare may be a Mass Effect spin-off in the vein of Call of Duty.


The BioWare project teased earlier today by Spike TV’s Video Game Awards is not an early look at Mass Effect 3, according to a development source, but the multiplayer-focused Mass Effect spin-off currently in the works at BioWare Montreal. That Mass Effect game is not a massively multiplayer online version of BioWare’s sci-fi RPG series, but a game that’s designed to appeal more to the Call of Duty market, according to that source.

We’re told to expect player progression in the vein of Activision’s wildly popular online shooter along with some sort of single-player component that does not feature Mass Effect’s Commander Shepard in a leading role.

I’m torn. Any sort of Mass Effect is good Mass Effect in my book. In addition, I love me some Call of Duty. Combine that with the financial sense it makes to go this direction in a spin-off, and I guess I can’t complain.

But! Ha, I got you, there’s a but!

I don’t know man. I guess if there were other Mass Effect games, I’d prefer them to be closer to the feel of the series. I mean, I’m a fucking whore for BioWare, and the franchise, so I know I’ll pick it up no matter what. But I feel a reluctance at seeing them deviate too far from the space-faring epic that I love so much.

Who knows.

Maybe it’s the most ballin’, illin’ shit ever. Maybe it’s not even true.

Thoughts? Impressions? Sage-like advice? Hit the comments box.

BioWare Teases Their “Next Big Game” To Be Revealed At Spike VGA

BioWare is going to be revealing their “next big game” at this year’s Spike VGA. However, it appears that teasing a teaser is the new black. You don’t just release a trailer anymore, no fucking sir. First, you have to release a teaser trailer for the teaser trailer. It happened with the Green Lantern trailer last week, and it’s happening now for this BioWare game.

Impressions? It isn’t Mass Effect 3, and that makes me sad. Sure, I lap up anything from BioWare like the pathetic lapdog I am. So whatever this new title is, if I’m correct in guessing it isn’t ME3, is going to be intergalactic stellar-time. Or maybe not intergalactic at all.

Hit the jump for the teaser trailer for the teaser trailer. Then hit the comments box with your thoughts on what it could be. Speculation? It’s fun.

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