Multiplayer Mass Effect 3 To Be Revealed Tomorrow Night At Spike VGA.

A good friend of mine has pointed me towards two stories this week. First the Arkham City reveal, and now this one. Kudos, cheers, and may someone kindly rub your genitals. Remember the BioWare teaser we were all speculating about? First it was reported that it was an off-shoot Mass Effect game. Now it’s been “confirmed” by nebulous dark sources that it’s actually Mass Effect 3 with multiplayer.


So just what exactly has BioWare been teasing to reveal at the Spike TV VGAs for the last couple of weeks? Would you believe it is, after all, Mass Effect 3? Joystiq reports that a “trusted source” has informed them the mystery game, first teased with the single image above, will indeed be the final chapter in the Mass Effect trilogy.

What’s more, this source says Mass Effect 3 will feature some kind of multiplayer mode, a first for the series. What this source couldn’t confirm, though, is whether the VGA reveal will highlight the multiplayer or not.

Thoughts? Reactions? I couldn’t give less of a shit about a multiplayer aspect for the Mass Effect franchise. Completely understand why it makes sense from a business standpoint. But still, don’t give a shit. Hit the comments box with your take.