Space Swoon: Hubble Captures Two Galaxies Twisting Each Other Into Unusual Shapes

hubble two galaxies interacting

No big deal. Just two galaxies captured by Hubble. No big deal, just two galaxies captured by Hubble twisting each other into unusual and unique shapes. Space is fucking rad.

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Space Swoon: New Map of the Universe charts 1.2 Million Galaxies


Each point in this map isn’t a star, it’s a god damn galaxy. The map charts out a mere 650 cubic billion light years, which constitutes a quarter of the known Universe.

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Space Swoon: Collision of Galactic Clusters courtesy of the Frontier Fields

Cosmic violence is always so goddamn beautiful. So goddamn beautiful! Behold the site of collision between four galactic clusters.

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Space Swoon: The Most Complete Picture of the futzing Milky Way Galaxy ever taken

Space Swoon: The International Space Station Passes By The Sun

Space Swoon: Ceres’ Lonely Mountain stands alone

The Lonely Mountain

Check out this lonely mountain. NASA’s Dawn space-craft sniped a lovely picture of it, just chilling in the southern hemisphere of the dwarf planet Ceres. Beckoning to us across space and time. To travel to it, to scale the peaks, to meet the space-elves that run their futuro-city from the top of the summit. Right?

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Space Swoon: Saturn’s Moon Dione got them chasms

Got them chasms

Beware! Chasms upon Saturn IV, daring you to embark on your fatal, final journey.

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