‘Men in Black’ x ‘Jump Street’ movie is real, titled ‘MIB 23’


I don’t give a fuck, I love this idea. Namely, because the Jump Street series has spent its life ridiculing its own existence and thereby making said existence really fun to watch.

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Shane Black wants Dwayne Johnson for the lead in ‘Doc Savage’ adaptation

The Rock

I’m down for anything The Rock does. I’m pretty much also down for anything Shane Black does. So I’m there if the two of them want to combine their powers for a Doc Savage adaptation.

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Leaked: Sony’s guidelines for ‘Spider-Man’ depictions in movies

ezgif.com-optimize (3)

A leaked memo document’s Sony’s guidelines for how Spider-Man is to be depicted in movies. A lot of people are up in arms about it, but truthfully — nothing in the guidelines should fucking surprise you. Disappoint you? Yeah, maybe. But it’s all standard fare.

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Marvel Studios shuffles four movie release dates in wake of Marvel Studios/Sony Spider-Pact


Now that Marvel Studios sort of/kind of own Spider-Man, they certainly aren’t going to cannibalize their own sales. In order to prevent themselves from doing this though, the studio finds themselves having to push around some release dates.

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Sony Confirms ‘AMAZING SPIDER-MAN’ Is First In Trilogy. MOAR GARFIELD GET.

Would you be shocked if you found out that a comic book franchise is aiming to be a trilogy? I hope not.

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