Search Engine Terms: ALISON BRIE x THOR’S HAIR


[Search Engine Terms. Most of ours are ultra depraved and absurd. And amusing to sick people like me.]

Man, these are sort of fun to pay attention to. Welcome! Welcome searchers. Anyone searching for Alison Brie deserves a high-five. I don’t know what the “X” is for. Perhaps Alison Brie X-Treme? And then! Then there is the lovely person searching for Thor’s Hair. My friend, be you of any gender, race, ethnicity, cosmic origin, know this: you are welcome here.

Hit the jump for some of Thor’s hair. And Alison Brie. Ya’ll welcome.

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Cosplay: Aela The Huntress from ‘SKYRIM’ is warmth in the tundra.

This, this is the goodness right here. As the frost covers the ground, just imagine this wonderful lass keeping you company.

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Cosplay: This gorgeous handmade ‘SKYRIM’ armor will have you in a fantastical swoon. Crap puns.

Goddamn. This Skyrim cosplay is taking it to the upper level. One could even say it was, wait for it, omega level. I’m all wilin’ out, dropping terrible puns and nonsensical blather. Business as usual. Anyways, anyways. This isn’t about me. It’s about this wonderful handmade armor.

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