Leaked ‘Avengers 4’ promo art features the team assembling and Thanos with a gnarly weapon

avengers 4 promo art

Want some (potential) Avengers 4 promo art? Hit the fucking jump, comrades!

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‘SICK’ TEASER TRAILER: Please tell me more, kind flick!

SICK Teaser Trailer.

What’s good? This is a pretty exciting teaser trailer right here, because it features none other than Nicholas Altonaga. You may know him as a friend of the site, or by his beautiful musk. That’s right Nick, I’m in your vents. Engulfing your waft. Anyhoo, this is the aforementioned trailer for Sick. What is the jam about? I’m not quite sure! From the teaser, I know it has mayhem, violence, and mystery wrapped (seemingly?) around a detective story. More than enough for me. Check it out, you turkeys.

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This Week on The Walking Dead: Sick

Whoa Nelly! It’s going down out there in zombieland! After an almost untoppable start to the third season, episode deux turned out to be quite a pleasantry as well. In the campaign of Gore vs. Snore, our heros are growing quite the dark side. These turds are finally learning how to feed my ever-thirsty murder-boner, and so can you, on our latest Walking Dead 2min Redux.

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