Cosplay: This Aquawoman will spear your heart.


SPEAR IT! Or is it actually trident it to fucking pieces?! One of those two. Eh, whatevah kid. Just enjoy the cosplay.

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Glenn Close.

I don’t even know if “near joining” make sense. Whatever. All bow to the power of the pun. So uh yeah, where were we? Oh yes. Glenn Close is joining Guardians of the Galaxy. I guess. I wish I had more understanding about who she was playing, and the such. I’m just so goddamn stupid when it comes to this Universe. (And in general, yes, okay, whatever.) With that in mind, let’s kick it to the story!

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DmC: When Angels Die and Fanboys Cry


It’s perhaps only in retrospect that we can see just how contemporary Devil May Cry was upon its release in 2001. The frantic, accelerated combat mechanics represented an industry pushing hardware to have games play as we’d so often wished they would. It was fast, brutal and responsive. It also introduced the series’ main protagonist, Dante, into the gaming public’s consciousness. This smart-assed, pizza-loving, sharp-dressing demon hunter went on to become the archetypical ‘cool’ video game hero. Fuelled by perceptions of the contemporary taken directly from the worlds of Anime and perceived notions of western ‘cool’: Dante was a product of his time and being contemporary was his nature. So, what happens when your contemporary character isn’t quite so cutting edge any longer? You reinvent him, of course.

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