Joss Whedon reveals new comic project, ‘Twist.’ A female, Steampunk, Batman-type


Yeah I’m going to go ahead and say I’m excited for this.

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‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Comic-Con Trailer: Zack Snyder Thinks We’re Dumb

WB officially announces ‘Green Lantern Corps’ movie at SDCC

Green Lantern COrpsz

Looks like we are getting a Green Lantern movie chockfull of Green Lanterns. Such was the rumor as of late, and such has been revealed to be true! Today at SDCC, WB confirmed the film.

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Watch: ‘The Force Awakens’ Behind-The-Scenes Video Presentation from SDCC

‘The Force Awakens’ Pseudo-News: Simon Pegg is playing an alien in the film


Now we all know what Simon Pegg’s purported role is, in The Force Awakens. The actor will be playing an alien in the film.

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Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns co-writing ‘Batman’ solo flick; Affleck directing


Woah. Like, I don’t really enjoy Geoff Johns that often, but this is still somewhat cool to me. Also — very excited that Affleck is directing. 

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‘The Dark Knight III: The Master Race’ getting artwork from Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson


I’m going to curiosity-read The Dark Knight III. But at least, no matter how terrible the story, it seems the artwork is going to be gnarly.

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