Rob Liefeld is hiding 24 ‘Deadpool’ sketches around San Diego Comic-Con.


Rob Liefeld is seriously the best.

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Marvel Ending NINE TITLES In October As MARVEL NOW! Kicks Off. Groan. They’ll Be Back.

Marvel is ending nine goddamn titles this October as their Marvel NOW! initiative gets underway. Goddamn ridiculous. Half of these titles have already been ended in the past year or so. How many #1 issues can Captain America or Invincible Incredible Wonderful Iron Man have?

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DC RIPS OFF Image’s Creator-Centric Ad Campaign For Comic-Con

As I’ve said ad nauseam lately, Image has been firing on all cylinders. One of the reasons for their righteous domination is their focus on the fucking creators. DC seems to have taken notice of Image and its bustling stable of marketable creators,  ninjaing the idea of marketing the creators themselves. Shit, even the aesthetic is redolent of the Image campaign.

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