A Treatise on the Defense of J.J. Abrams and the World of Into Darkness: A Warrior’s Tale

Star Trek Into Darkness.
[Caff Note: A good friend of Rendar and myself wrote this rather awesome defense of Star Trek Into Darkness. I imagine he saw dullards like me bashing it, and decided to wave a righteous saber. Despite not seeing eye to eye with him, I demanded that he allow me to share it here. Enjoy.]

Into Darkness.  What’s in a title?  Nothing (if you ask me).  However, Into Darkness attempted to conjure into the minds of the would-be viewers a universe that was literally entering into a ‘darker’ world.  Into Darkness is the post 9/11 Trek – a world in which, yes, you can die.  Into Darkness has a body count that would rival the epic end of Commando. More humans (not Vulcans) die in this film than in any other Trek film.  San Francisco is literally leveled to the ground at the end of the film.  Is this a forward direction for Trek? Did Abrams destroy a franchise that deserved something more?

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