Amazon was selling 426 ITEMS PER SECOND on Cyber Monday.

Amazon Smart Phone.

Amazon dun good this holiday season. Like, way good. I thought I was crushing it sell my crusty socks-turned-Jennifer Lawrence puppets. Sold three! One to Rendar, one to my fiance, one to my Mom. And Rendar didn’t even cry as I got my money from him at spork point, unlike the other two.

But man, Amazon did way better than me.

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Old Ass ‘XBOX 360’ still sees impressive Black Friday sales, increase in XBL activity.

One of the reasons this generation is lumbering on interminably is that the consoles are selling like mofuckahs. Just this past Black Friday, the Xbox 360 was pushing product and sucking more people into the void that is Xbox Live. It’s a bit impressive for a console to be spreading its wings like this, what, six years into its existence?

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3.5 Million People Bought ‘DIABLO 3’ In First 24 Hours. My Posse Rolls Deep.

There was a point when I wondered if Diablo 3  would be a success like its predecessor was, and it is announcements like this that make me feel silly for  thinking  so.

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‘MINECRAFT” For XBLA Sold 1 Million Copies IN 5 Days; I Still Don’t Understand Game.

Minecraft  continues to be a bankable commodity on a litany of devices, including the Xbox Live Arcade Place. It also continues to be a fucking enigma to me.

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‘Justice League #1’ Sells 300,000 Copies In Four Months. Imagine If It Was Good!

I’m the opposite of opaque about this: the Justice League relaunch by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee is refried nonsense dog shit. Boring. Tired. Predictable. Doesn’t matter! Quality doesn’t matter. The thing is selling in droves.

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‘Skyrim’ Dominates UK Christmas Charts. Awesome.

I don’t know why I feel pumped and proud that Skyrim is crushing it on the UK charts, but I am. I know it’s another huge installment of a huge franchise, but seeing it trounce more rote experiences like Uncharted 3 and Modern Black Fare 3: Covert Operations gives me a tickle in the taint.

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Comic Sales Climb 19% In November, DC Still Rules.

Comic book sales! They’re climbing. This year’s November sales were up 19% from last year’s, and they be led by none other than the Johns/Lee/Gimmickry Powered DC New 52. Whatever it takes, amirite?

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