‘MINECRAFT” For XBLA Sold 1 Million Copies IN 5 Days; I Still Don’t Understand Game.

Minecraft  continues to be a bankable commodity on a litany of devices, including the Xbox Live Arcade Place. It also continues to be a fucking enigma to me.


Yep, that’s a 1 followed by six 0s and two — count ’em,  two  — commas.  Minecraft  on Xbox 360 has sold 1 million copies since its launch on May 9, Microsoft announced today.  Minecraft  runs $20 a pop on XBLA, making its initial revenue bump against $20 million, supposedly split between Mojang, port developer 4J Studios and Microsoft.

Players have so far spent more than 5.2 million hours mining on XBLA, played 4 million multiplayer sessions and clocked more than 2.4 million multiplayer hours, Microsoft reported. Original  Minecraft  developer Markus “Notch” Persson reacted to the news in what we think is an appropriate manner: “Wow.”

That’s a lot of goddamn money. For uh, bricks and shit. Yeah, I still don’t understand the game. People do really cool stuff with it though!