WATCH: ‘TOY STORY 2’ Almost Erased Because Of Bad Backup. F**king Computers.

This is a hell of a story. During the development of Toy Story 2, the entire goddamn movie was almost deleted. A year’s worth of work in 20 seconds. Worse yet: the backup was bad. Good lord. The only thing that saved its enterprise? A mother’s touch.

The Verge:

The Toy Story films are some of the most cherished animated movies ever made, but the second part of the trilogy almost disappeared for good – and it was all because of a bad backup. According to Pixar’s Oren Jacob and Galyn Susman, during development someone ran the rm* command on the drive where all of the Toy Story 2’s files were being stored, essentially erasing about a year’s worth a work in 20 seconds. Even worse, the team soon realized that the backup files they had made were actually bad, leaving them with no copies whatsoever. Or so it seemed. Luckily, Susman had a copy of the film on her computer at home, which ultimately saved the day. Though the it’s a charming tale – and one that’s at least a few years old – it still serves as an excellent reminder to always backup your work, even if you aren’t working on something as huge as a feature-length movie.