Buy These Flippin’ Comics!!! (06.25.14) All Falls Down

Saga #20. One comic to lift your spirits, one comic to dash them down.  One comic that will keep you up at night, one comic that feels like a warm blanket of comfort.  That’s the beauty of Wednesday’s, ladies and germs – that’s the beauty of comics!  Every week we get not one but many stories to choose from, to be read in whatever order we choose (and we ALL have an order), to put us in whatever kind of mood we want to be in.  Sometimes, though, one book can be all those things – one story can contain many.  Comedy, tragedy, love, and loss.  A book that mirrors the ups and downs of life would have to be pretty intricately woven, though, wouldn’t it?  It couldn’t be just one person’s story, or even one family’s.  It may even envelope an entire galaxy.  We call that kind of story a Saga, and this week Image Comics proudly delivers another chapter.  So step inside and lets discuss epic sci-fi fantasy, gods and monsters, teen superheros, and the adaptability of humanity.  Yeah, we get deep this week, kiddies.

A full list of this week’s comics can be found HERE.

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