Jonathan Hickman and Ryan Bodenheim reteam for ‘The Dying and the Dead’

The Dying and The Dead

More Johnny Hickman!? More Johnny Hickman that finds him reteaming with Ryan Bodenheim? You bet your bottom fucking dollar (what is a bottom dollar anyways?) that I’m putting this motherfucker down on my pull-list. Details and the full cover for the first issue after the jump.

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Comics We’re Snagging This Week: Get That Broadsword Out Of My Secret Orifice

As I type this, it’s Tuesday evening. I’m on campus in the middle of another seven hour school night. Fuck, man! When you read this, such time will have passed. The groans of labor receded. It will be the most special day of the week. No, no, no. Not colonic and sugar cone Saturday evening. Though that day is a close second. It will be Wednesday, heralding the arrival of new funny books.

This is the jam where we all share the comics we’re digging this week. If you don’t know what’s dropping, hit up ComicList. Share your list, who knows what could happen. My colonic buddy is going away this weekend and if you’re comically compatible consider this your entrance exam.

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