‘VERONICA MARS’ Movie Trailer: That Feel Good Nostalgia

Veronica Mars.

Whoop, whoop! That’s the sound of the police! Or rather the witty, teenage gumshoe Veronica Mars back on the scene. But she ain’t a teenager no more, and this ain’t the small screen. Boom! See! ‘Cause it’s the trailer for the Veronica Mars movie. I’m fucking stoked! Stoked! Watching the trailer reminds me of how much I used to love this show. And how long ago the show was on. Fuck, I’m getting old. Darkness, darkness. Beautiful Kristen Bell. More darkness.

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Anonymous may have prevented the Westboro Baptist Church from picketing Aaron Swartz’ funeral.

Aaron Swartz.

Welcome to the new world, something like the old world. But with internet hackers, the flexing of muscle resembling the rumbling of keyboards, and uh. Such.

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‘STAR WARS’ goes spaghetti westerns in these delicious posters.

Timothy Anderson brings the heat, mixing Star Wars with the glory of spaghetti westerns in this set of posters.

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‘BILL & TED 3’ totally happening, with ‘GALAXY QUEST’ director helming. Gnarly. Righteous.

C’mon! I can’t be the only one who is excited that Bill & Ted 3 is happening. Especially since they’ve tacked on a pretty gnartacular director on to helm the antiquated son of a bitch.

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