View From The Space-Ship: The House On The Hill


I am Caffeine-Powered-Guy. I’m a busy guy. A delirious guy. A guy with no underwear and too many smiles. Here’s a look at my world. You didn’t ask for it, and you shouldn’t accept my offer. But if you’re curious. Here it is. A direct camera feed from the porthole in my room on the Space-Ship into the outside realm. Feel free to share your own Existential Perspective in the comments.

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Dope as f**k comic ‘RAT QUEENS’ getting ANIMATED SERIES

Rat Queens #3.

Holy fucking shit, this is the berriesRat Queens is one of my favorite comic books, and now it may become one of my favorite animated series. The Filthy Female Fantasy Bonanza ain’t just getting translated to animation, though. Oh no. It’s being done by fucking Heavy Metal and WETA.

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Monday Morning Commute: Spring Sprang Sprung


Hello friends! Bad news. I lied, last week. I lied to your face, while sipping Diet Dew through a Twizzler. That’s how much I didn’t respect you. I said that Rendar would be back today, to guide us through Monday Morning Commute. The column where we share the savory and scintillating things that are helping us get through the work week. Arts, farts, foods, and fascinations. But Rendar ain’t  back. Not yet. You’re stuck with me, Caff-Pow. Not even a healthy one, neither. I got phlegm-lungs like you wouldn’t believe. Whatever! We’re all just going to have to make due!

This is what’s on my mind this week.

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Monday Morning Commute: Deploy The Advil!

monday morning commute

Oh Lords of Advil, don’t fail me now. It’s Monday — folks. That sucks. It’s also Caff-Pow here — folks. Doubly sucks. Tagging in for Rendar this week. Stow your tears, he’ll be back next week. So for now, I’m going to drop on you the various things I’m indulging on during this week. ‘Cause, you know, that’s the premise of this column. Monday Morning Commute.

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