Tarantino confirms his movies all take place in same universe


The Tarantinoverse is real? Well, I’ll be. I’m not one of those people who has dedicated serious time pondering their connection, but its interesting even still.

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AMANDA PLUMMER joins the cast of ‘THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE’, Tarantino fans nod knowingly.

Amanda Plummer may be best known for work as a fucking crazy lady in Pulp Fiction, but that could change very soon. There ain’t anything like getting cast in an enorme vehicle flick to alter your perception in the public’s eyes.

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Video: Pogo’s ‘PULP FICTION’ Remix Is Groovin’ Music Vid

Take Pulp Fiction, already a grooving movie. Add some remixing up in the house. The result? Pogo’s Lead Breakfast.

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Matt Damon: Master of the Cameo (Word Up!)

A cameo role is defined as “a minor part played by a prominent performer in a single scene of a motion picture or a television play.”   These brief, often uncredited appearances titilate the viewers, causing them to hop in their seats and shout, “Oh, I know him! He’s in this movie? Awesome! Thank the LAWD!”

Sure, cameo roles are often nothing more than cheap publicity stunts, but at their best they’re   jolly-good fun!

There is a debate to be had about who can claim the title of ultimate cameo-master. On the one hand, some might cite Alfred Hitchcock as classic cinema’s cameo-Jedi, as he inserted himself into thirty-nine of his movies. However, there’s something to be said for those actors who’ve racked up fewer cameos of higher quality. Perhaps quality should be given precedence over quantity.

Think of Walken in Pulp Fiction or NPH in the original Harold and Kumar flick.

When all’s been considered, one man stands above all others as the true master of the cameo: Matt Damon.

From his debut in 1988’s Mystic Pizza to his December 2011 appearance on SNL, Matt Damon charmed us with brevity. The dude knows how to hop onto our screens, put smiles on our faces, and then peace out. Matt Damon elevates the cameo from the depths cheap PR stunts to the highest echelons of art.

Don’t believe me? Hit the jump and check out the (hardly comprehensive) smattering of Damon-cameos!

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Samuel L. Jackson Is Highest-Grossing Actor of All Time. Wait, He Acts?

Samuel L. Jackson is now officially the highest-grossing actor of all time. Whoop there it is!

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