OMEGA-LINKS: Agent Carter Roams The Moon!


Pinch my tits and call me an infidel! Another busy-as-fuck Monday, another complete lack of updates. But nary a worry is warranted, friends. Carry your trough up to the table and I’ll fill your little receptacle with the bullshit that got marked “saved for later” today, and the “later” never came.

Including! Agent Carter, those Comcast fuckers, Grant Morrison, the wonderful Police State, and more!

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Cosplay: MAD MAX POWER GIRL is all I could ever ask for.


Oh lordy, the loins are going post-apocalyptic for this one. What exactly does that mean? Not sure, must get back to you. Anyways. Here is a lovely Mad Max x Power Girl cosplay mash-up. It’s a win. For all of us.

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