Weekend Open Bar: Live From The Post-Apocalyparadise!

I initially had a really dour headline and gif to kick off this weekend’s Open Bar. The title was “It’s Better If You Don’t”, which really was a phrase which didn’t mean anything to me. The gif was of an insomnia-riddled Jack fromĀ Fight Club blinking at the endless stuffing of the info-tube into his mind-gullet.

My wife’s been away for like fifteen days. My job is stressful and tenuous. The skies are gray and bleeding moisture. Just not feeling It today, you know?

But, hey, man. What the fuck, right? Why wallow?

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Portland, Oregon Considering All-Seeing CCTV Surveillance. Wut? Weird.

This is weird as hell to me and my clueless ass. I thought that Porltand, OR was some sort of hipster haven where people smoke pot in the streets and beers can be traded for high-fives at bars. Now they’re going to go full CCTV stylee? Odd.\

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