Weekend Open Bar: Live From The Post-Apocalyparadise!

I initially had a really dour headline and gif to kick off this weekend’s Open Bar. The title was “It’s Better If You Don’t”, which really was a phrase which didn’t mean anything to me. The gif was of an insomnia-riddled Jack fromĀ Fight Club blinking at the endless stuffing of the info-tube into his mind-gullet.

My wife’s been away for like fifteen days. My job is stressful and tenuous. The skies are gray and bleeding moisture. Just not feeling It today, you know?

But, hey, man. What the fuck, right? Why wallow?

It is, at the very least, the weekend. It is, at the very least, an opportunity to sit around the Open Bar with you folks. Share what we’re doing these next couple of days. Those of us lucky enough to be on Siesta. Those of us still on the grind. All are welcome.

So come one, come all. Tell me, what are you reading this weekend? Watching? Drinking? Worshipping? Contemplating? It’s all fair game.

Let’s spend some time together, help me punch through the doldrums.

This is Weekend Open Bar.