Michael Bay’s ‘NINJA TURTLES’ script leaks. It is the diarrhea soup we expected.

Oh huzzah! We can all relax now in our correctness. Us smug internet folk, who quietly knew that if Michael Bay were churning out a Ninja Turtles movie, it would be a unparalleled pile of shit.

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First ‘NINJA TURTLES’ Drawing Up For Auction. Still Teenage, Still Sacred.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The time remaining before Michael Bay’s turd cut ties with his sphincter and casually falls onto the franchise dwindles, and so we must cherish this moments. Let’s hit the wayback machine, and think of when the Ninja Turtles first arrived. Perhaps by buying the original drawing. That’d be nostalgia, aye?

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‘TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES’ Co-Creator: Give Michael Bay A Chance.

TMNT  co-creator  Peter Laird is speaking out about Turtlesarealiensgate, and he’s suggesting that we all like give Michael Bay a chance. The problem is when you listen to his protestations to our protestations, I can’t help feel like the dude is just fucking with everyone.

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