Emergency COVID Stimulus may reveal UFO Documents! Finally some Governmental Fat that I can fuck with!

emergency covid stimulus ufo documents

If you even remotely pay attention, you know all sort of bullshit is shoved into bills. Even emergency bills, like the latest COVID relief. That said, holy shit! The aforementioned relief bill requires the Pentagon to release documents about its UFO task force in the next six months. Fucking hell! I can no longer say I’ve always opposed governmental fat. After all, this is some balls-tingling pork. Release the documents! Hail the Greys!

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New York Times has dropped another story about how aliens are real. This timeline is wild, my friends.

new york times pentagon aliens

The New York Times has dropped yet another story about how aliens are real, dudes. Like, just throwing it out there. Stories about “off-world vehicles” and shit like it’s no big deal. Tremendous.

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Pentagon has released legit-ass UFO footage and how sick is this shit?

pentagon ufo footage

Man. The Pentagon sure chose a clever fucking time for this drop. I mean, they’ve released UFO footage! Drop it during a pandemic, bury the lede. And, that ain’t the wildest part. Senator Harry Reid has said that he is “glad the Pentagon is finally releasing this footage, but it only scratches the surface of research and materials available” with the emphasis motherfucking mine.

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