‘Onimusha’ revival discussion happening at Capcom at ‘high levels’


Onimusha coming back at Capcom! Why the fuck not? They’ve already sucked every ounce of enjoyment out of Resident Evil at this point, right? Wretched sequels and remakes+++! Forever, into infinity. Stretching into a Godless black void of despair and franchise rot. Now is the time to dust off a forgotten series. To either revive, and please the plebs. Or to kill, and madden the plebs. Either way. Another franchise.

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ABSURD: ‘RESIDENT EVIL’ composer is a fraud. Also may not be deaf as he claimed

Sick mane of hair.

Ridiculous news the last couple of days. For starters, the dude who “composed” the score for some prominent Capcom games turns out to have…not composed them. He was lauded at the time for crushing these soundtracks despite having gone deaf. Now the winds of truth have blown in, and it turns out the dude hired a ghostwriter for the scores. Oh, and he may not be deaf.

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