OMEGA-CAST #4 – BOSTON COMIC CON 2013 Destructo Edition

A special edition of the OMEGA-CAST, straight from the floor of Boston Comic Con. Riff Simian captures a raging Tomahawk regarding a complaint about our “Fuck Lucas” t-shirt. The beautiful Bride of Frankenstein checks in. Our momentary brush with Rich from Toucher and Rich. Rendar Frankenstein talks cosplay. Caffeine Powered’s significantly better half talking about his obsession with cocks and lightning bolts. Bazinga! shirts. Budrickton’s descent from Toronto into our funny sounding land. And other assorted bullshit and madness.

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Hello friends of the OMEGA LEVEL. We’ve been anticipating it for a while, and this weekend we’re finally going to get to rock out in a booth at our hometown comic convention. Boom! August 3-4. We’ve got a few pretty dope things in the work, partnering up with several wonderful lads.

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Google Chrome experiment turns websites into a game of ‘MARBLE MADNESS.’

World Wide Maze.

Here is a new use for Omega Level. There is a little Google Chrome gadgetry that turns websites into playable games of Marble Madness. Boot that shit up on OL, and navigate the latex cosplay in ways you never would have anticipated.

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Omega-Level @FanExpo Toronto 2012 – A New Hope from South of the Border. Not that Border.

Summer 2012 has blown through the nerd universe with a thunderous fury, and OL rode the wave to its first major convention appearance.  We rocked FanExpo Canada in Toronto, home of yours truly, and generated some fantastic buzz on the show floor.

The essential blow-by-blow follows.  Brace yourselves.

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Omega-Level Weekend at FanExpo Toronto – The Concise Preamble Summary

There’s a story behind every line, but maybe the imagination can cook up funnier shit than the truth (this will be difficult, I assure you).  It was a pleasure to host OL in Toronto, and I’m already looking forward to the next con weekend that OL tears up.

OMEGA LEVEL will be at Fan Expo Canada this week! Batten hatches, mortals.

Hello friends! The Omegalytes are transcending space and national borders this week to lock down a booth at Fan Expo Canada. The sumbitch is in Toronto from August 23-26, and we encourage all of you in the area to stop on by our little niche of insanity at the gala. Come! Behold Rendar Frankenstein, Patrick Bateman, the suspiciously familiar looking Allen Drinkwater pushing OMNI, Budrickton and myself.

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Desktop Thursdays: Fling Your Fluids At Your Enemies!

[Desktop Thursdays is a weekly column where I show you my worlds, both real and virtual. It’s way to share the insanity that is my life. Click images to enlarge.]


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