‘PROMETHEUS’ VIRAL CLIP: Dragon Tattoo Lady Begs Weyland Industries For Help

I’m just up and not watching anymore Prometheus  sheezy. I’m not going to. However since I love you and your nougat, I’ll keep passing it along anyways, deducing content from other wonderful site’s descriptions.

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Phew. I was frightened. We hadn’t been blasted across the nips with Prometheus  images in like, a day. Maybe even two. Here’s some off the digi-presses, courtesy of Advertisement (Entertainment) Weekly.

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NEW ‘PROMETHEUS’ TV SPOT: Charlize Theron Is A Total Boner Killer

Absolutely! Ridley Scott and your company of Advertising Wizards please feel free to continue slowly rolling out the glory that is Prometheus  information. In this new TV spot  Noomi Rapace gets totally hot and heavy with a beau while Charlize Theron is all “we’re all going to die, #buzzkill, #buzzkill”. Whatever the case, it’s more goddamn awesomeness. Check it out after the break.

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