Netflix and Apple may be looking to land Bond movie ‘No Time To Die’ in silly money bidding war

netflix apple streaming rights bond no time to die

If you believe one industry insider (laugh at the terminology, whatever, suck it), Netflix and Apple are throwing around silly money. Like, okay, they always are? But in this particular case? The companies are flexing their financial nipples in an attempt to land Daniel Crag’s last Bond flick, No Time To Die.

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‘No Time To Die’ Trailer: Bond’s final adventure features Ana de Armas dual-wielding. I’m in!

I was already stoked for Daniel Craig’s last Bond, No Time To Die. Hard for me not to be, given director Cary Fukunaga’s involvement. But, man. My excitement has definitely been ratcheted up a notch. I mean, Ana de Armas dual-wielding? Fuck to the yes.

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‘Bond 25’ is officially titled ‘No Time To Die’ which is no better or worse than any other Bond title, IMO

bond 25 no time to die

Bond 25 is really happening, friends. Like, feels as though it’s been in development for fucking ever. The latest proof that not seriously the movie is happening? It’s got an official fucking title. No Time To Die! Sure!

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