*EVERY* Nintendo Power published from 1988-2001 available at Internet Archive


This is a veritable fucking treasure trove of nostalgia, folks. So many issues of Nintendo Power. Just sitting there at the Internet Archive. For all of us. Free.

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Final ‘NINTENDO POWER’ cover is sad and touching throwback. Rest easy, my friend.

Fare thee well, Nintendo Power. Even though I haven’t read you since I sprouted pubes, your loss will be felt in my heart. Or not. Actually, it probably won’t. Ever since I started jerking off to Kitana in my Mortal Kombat II strategy guide, I haven’t really thought about you at all. But uh. We had good times. Didn’t we? Sure.

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‘NINTENDO POWER’ is cancelled, more of my childhood perishes.

Nintendo Power has bit the bullet, after years of defying the need for good content and legitimate journalism. Even though I won’t miss the son of a bitch, I will miss the son of a bitch. Wait, what?

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